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After a good deal of agonizing and soul-searching, I decided to move the Gaian Consortium books into Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (KU) program. I know this probably isn't a popular decision for readers who purchase their books on other platforms, but declining sales of that series made it the best course of action for me at this time. I'll reevaluate after the initial 90-day enrollment period is up and decide then whether it's worth it to keep the books in KU or not.

There's also a new Amazon-exclusive boxed set of the three Zhore books (Breath of Life, The Mandala Maneuver, and The Zhore Deception), so you may want to check that out as well!

I'm so excited to announce that the latest Witches of Cleopatra Hill novel is now for sale everywhere! This one is a little bit of a departure, since it's not just a paranormal romance, but a time-travel romance as well. The story picks up approximately six months after the end of Protector as Danica Wilcox attempts to put her life back together.


Saving his past could destroy her future…


Damaged and desperate, Danica Wilcox searches for sanctuary and peace of mind after enduring vile and brutal treatment by the dark warlock Matías Escobar. Hoping for safe haven at an old summer cabin owned by the Wilcox witch clan for more than a hundred years seems to be her safest option. But when her rejuvenating R&R is interrupted by a ghostly visitor, Danica sets out to solve the mystery of his death.


Determined to uncover long-hidden truths, Danica takes a journey into the past, calling upon her own special gift of manipulating time. However, the secrets that she uncovers were meant to remain buried. Torn between loyalty to her family and the beyond-earthly pull she feels for the mysterious stranger, Danica struggles between what is right and what is wrong, between changing the past and altering the future. Can Danica save her “ghost’s” life without destroying the Wilcox clan entirely?


You can purchase Spellbound at these online retailers:


Amazon • Barnes and NobleiBooks • Kobo • Google Play


Watch the trailer for Spellbound!


In even more Witches of Cleopatra Hill news, I've put together a holiday novella about Angela and Connor's first Christmas after the twins are born. The story takes place about a month and a half after the end of Sympathetic Magic and fills in some details that readers have been asking for.


Connor and Angela Wilcox return to Angela's hometown of Jerome, Arizona, to spend the holiday with the McAllister witch clan and attend Lucas Wilcox's and Margot Emory's wedding. But complications arise as they try to juggle new parenthood, interfering relatives, and romantic complications in this lighthearted holiday novella.


You can get A Cleopatra Hill Christmas as a pre-order at these online retailers (the official release date is December 1st, 2015):


Amazon • Barnes and NobleiBooks • Kobo


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