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Sample Saturday – Mind Games

Okay, gang — Mind Games (The Witches of Wheeler Park: Book 4) is releasing on Wednesday, September 23rd, so that means it’s time to give you a little sneak peek at the novel. Mind Games is Jeremy’s story — and he definitely gets to go on a wild ride in this one! This particular scene is from Chapter 5, where he finally catches up with a strange witch he’s been trying to track down.

He swallowed. “This is probably going to sound crazy — ”

“Try me,” she broke in.

The way she stood — one hip angled out with her left hand planted on it, chin lifted — was probably meant to be challenging, but it was more provocative than anything. Yes, that was a good word for her. Provocative, with those full lips and the lush curves of a body that the black knit dress she was wearing did very little to conceal.

Had he ever met anyone who looked like that? Most of the girls in Flagstaff were what he thought of as “crunchy granola” types — jeans and flip-flops in the summer, Ugg boots in the winter, not much makeup. This woman — girl, almost, since he guessed she was probably a year or so younger than he, despite her outward sophistication — was so far outside his experience, she might as well have come from a different planet.

“You have a special talent, don’t you?” he asked quickly, knowing even as he spoke that he probably sounded like a madman. “It probably developed when you were around ten or eleven. You never told anyone about it because you didn’t want them to think you were crazy. But you use it to help you win at poker.”

Her heavily arched brows drew together. Maybe a slight shiver passed over her…or maybe Jeremy was imagining things.

For one long, awful moment, she didn’t say anything. He forced himself to sit still, somehow guessing that any movement might make her bolt. Honestly, he expected her to shoot him down, to tell him he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

But then she moistened her lips, and she pulled in a breath. “How do you know that?”

“I know because I got a ping off you at the Twin Arrows Casino. I felt it because I’m a warlock…and you’re a witch.”


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