To win this race, he’ll have to do more than hug the corners…

More than six months after the Heat wiped out most of humanity, Bailey O’Keefe keeps her bug-out bag packed and her “salvaged” Porsche 911 ready to outrun the djinn reavers. She figures eventually she’ll wind up dead. Until then? Her car’s dust cloud is a giant middle finger to Earth’s new overlords.

Until one day a red Ferrari appears in her rearview mirror, driven by the one djinn who refuses to give up and look for easier prey.

Nasim al-Jibril isn’t out for anyone’s blood. The thrill of the chase has drawn him from his too-quiet Napa Valley vineyards to L.A.’s empty concrete canyons. But it’s not victory flooding his veins when Bailey rolls her Porsche while trying to shake off his pursuit — it’s guilt for causing her harm.

Alone in Nasim’s L.A. loft, Bailey’s bones heal, caution gives way to growing attraction…and Nasim realizes she’s the choice of his heart. But this wild, freedom-loving woman deserves one last chance to race for her independence — best two out of three.

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About the Book

“Before reading, I’d wondered how the story could still seem fresh after reading the other books in this series. After all, how many different ways can you tell the human female Heat survivor meets handsome Djinn story? However, this book didn’t disappoint. The addition of the car races gave another dimension to Bailey as the heroine. Nasim was kind and understanding, but not without flaws, which made him more realistic, or as realistic as a mythical being can be. As they are pretty much the only two characters in the book, the conflict is between them and their inability to admit their true feelings toward each other.”—Amazon reviewer

Series: The Djinn Wars, Book 11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: 3.99
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