More than a year ago, a djinn-created plague nearly wiped out all of humanity…

Ever since, Madison Reynolds has been hiding. Leaving her underground sanctuary means risking her life at the hands of vengeful elementals hellbent on killing off the world's few remaining survivors. But when her curiosity and need for exploration get the best of her, she crosses paths with Qadim al-Syan, the new steward of Albuquerque. Despite her better judgment — and her fear of the djinn — she finds herself drawn into his orbit. She knows she must resist her ever-growing attraction for this otherworldly being, who’s unlike any man she’s ever met. But the pull just might be too great. Will succumbing to her desire mark her for certain death?

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About the Book

Seeing a morally gray character from a previous book (Qadim) more fully fleshed out and having to grow and change through his encounters with Madison was such an interesting and engaging read. Pope manages to make all the women in these moves feel distinct – oftentimes heroines and female love interests feel a bit Mary Sue across multiple novels, but not here. Madison has an edge and weariness to her that makes her an intriguing match for Qadim’s ambivalence and black-sheep status. Their connection feels genuine, too, and not at all rushed.

And I admit, I smiled through the last chapters of the story. Wherever I thought this story was going in the beginning was NOT where it ended up, and Christine Pope did a fantastic job of creating ‘happily ever after’ in a surprising, compelling way that didn’t feel like it short-shrifted the characters’ personalities and backstories in the slightest.“—Amazon reviewer

Series: The Djinn Wars, Book 5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Publication Year: 2016
List Price: 3.99
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