The Titan Trap

The Titan Trap

Cassidy Evans inherited the Titan run when her father died and left her a broken-down cargo transport and a regular gig hauling supplies to the maximum-security prison located on Jupiter’s moon. When convicted murderer Derek Tagawa hijacks her ship and demands her help in clearing his name, Cass can’t help but wonder if there aren’t easier ways to make a living. But soon she begins to believe there may be more to his story than she originally thought.

Running from the authorities, they head to the heart of Gaia to unearth a conspiracy so far-reaching that exposing it could rock the Consortium to its very foundation…and change the future course of both their lives.

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About the Book

I’ve devoured every single book in this series, and was thrilled to find out that book 5, The Titan Trap, came out yesterday. I finished it today and it was everything the others in the series were, and more: Strong female characters, intelligent male lead, and a standalone story that offers a glimpse of how characters in other books have ended up. Beautiful.”—Amazon reviewer

Series: The Gaian Consortium Series, Book 5
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Publication Year: 2014
List Price: 3.99
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