Coming in 2021

This is what I have planned for 2021 as of the end of October 2020. (Yes, I know…2020 should have taught me not to plan too far in advance!) However, since several of these books are already written, I know at least the first quarter of the year probably isn’t going to change too much. I’m going to alternate between the Witches of Wheeler Park series and my new Hedgewitch for Hire series for most of 2021, but starting in mid-November, I’m going to release the three books in the Miss Primm’s Academy for Wayward Witches trilogy only two weeks apart. Since I’m planning for those books to be a little shorter than most of my novels, I’m hoping I can manage that without too much problem. Famous last words, right?

As always, check this page periodically for any updates or changes!

Note:  All the Wheeler Park covers are placeholders because I won’t be getting most of them from my designer until sometime next year. 🙂